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Gypsum Board Production Line/Making Machine

The paper faced avosum board production line is the professional equipment for producing the new decoration material. The principal workintprocess incudes: 1. Calcined gypsum powder, water and other additves enter into mixer by automatic metering system and conveying systemGypsum slury, generated from mixer after mixing, would be evenly scattered on the surface of continuous moving bottom paper. 2. With continuousmoving and vibrating.gypsum slury will gradually difluse and evenly scattered on the surface of moving bottom paper, Then it goes into the formintmachine and compound with top paper. By the process of extruding and forming, the slurry would be sealed by top paper and bottom paper. Thuspulpous continuous plasterboard is fored. 3. While it conveyed by seting belt, wet gypsum board gradually formed after board shaping, naturacoagulation and automatic cutting. The wet boards, arranged by programmed control system, quickly enter into dryer through rolers,belt conveyoiand board turover. 4. Under strict contros in temperature zones of drver, the wet board dred by diterent temperature hot air blow. Modhed starcwould stick with the paper. Then dry gypsum boards would be transported out of dryer. 5. Then the board be turned over again and folded togetherface inside), cut into certain fnished product size and edge sealed.6. Finally it comes to automatic stacker for stacking. Then can be transported towarehouse by forklift after stacking.

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